Structure & Zoning Design

Personal homes are the main focus to designers of our studio. A project of architecture not only should account for the aesthetical quality of the property, but also provide a convenient functional zoning scheme to the living space.

bespoke housing design
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Design project is above all a cooperation between the designer and the client. It is at this stage that the finished living space comes through as it will be upon works completion and decisions of optimal furnishment, most desirable lighting and many others are made.

20 workdays minimum time
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Author’s supervision

Author’s supervision is the service of controlling the project implementation by the author designer. Our client will stay assured the workflow at the site follows the decisions made at project stage.

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Сlient support to the completion of the property by delivering optimal pricing and terms of procurement.

Subject to personal calculation

construction and finishing

Considering our projects, we may provide our client with a plan of construction ensuring quality control at each stage. Our studio has developed contacts with highly professional construction teams. We are also able to provide engineering system contractors.

Materials excluded
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